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Franz Dobler
Ich will doch immer nur kriegen was ich haben will Gedichte 1991 – 2020


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The writer, DJ and music connoisseur Franz Dobler has not studied at any institute of literature institute but, or maybe because of that, writes very good poems. This book contains 35 new poems and everything from Dobler's first two volumes of poetry “Ich fühlte mich stark wie die Braut im Rosa-Luxemburg-T-Shirt” (2009) and “Jesse James und andere Westerngedichte” (1991).

Dobler's poems do not wind wreaths of metaphors, but they bear conflict and wit, feeling and hardship, pain over the course of the world. One of the last wild runners in the German literary scene gets things to the point, poetically and politically shows edges, spares nothing and nobody, and least himself. One has the feeling that there is someone "with whom one likes to have a drink, even when you know, it won't just be one drink" (Heiko Werning). That is rare in German-language poetry.

Juliane Liebert's black and white photographs are the suitable accompanying music. They are quick shots from the urban prairie—from architectural, social and mental fringes. In one of the books’ concluding conversation with Manfred Rothenberger, Franz Dobler thinks about smoking, the robber Mathias Kneißl, poetry for the gardening department of a hardware store, selected assholes and death.

EditorManfred Rothenberger
TextsFranz Dobler
DesignTimo Reger
DetailsHardcover, 21 x 14 cm, 288 pages, 47 ills in b/w
Publication date11/2020



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