Natascha Gangl
Das Spiel von der Einverleibung – Frei nach Unica Zürn. Mit Bildern von Toño Camuñas


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October 19, 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of the death of Unica Zürn (1916–1970), an icon of surrealism. In order to commemorate the work of this extraordinary artist and writer, the Austrian author Natascha Gangl and the Spanish artist Toño Camuñas found together in an exciting as well as relational project.

Natascha Gangl has been looking for traces of Unica Zürn in the past two years across Europe and visited places that have played an important role in her life and work. From the experiences of this journey and an extensive reading of Zürns’ writings, Gangl created a polyphonic text collage that can also be understood as a game—a literary game in which the two authors thinking, sensing and writing get intrinsically link, were past and present interconnect with one other.

In Spanish artist Toño Camuñas, Natascha Gangl has found a congenial partner. Camuñas, who lives in Mexico as a (mural) painter, draftsman and graphic artist, is at home in a wide variety of visual worlds: motifs from European art history, pictorial Zürn quotes, scriptural elements, animals and totems, cartoon characters and pin-ups as well as symbols of a drastic yet life-affirming Mexican death cult are processed by Camuñas in his pictures, drawings and collages creating panoramas of an unleashed desire for imagination. In this way, Unica Zürn's fantastic cosmos in all its facets is reactivated and re-experienced.

EditorManfred Rothenberger in collaboration with Institut für moderne Kunst Nürnberg
TextNatascha Gangl
IllustrationsToño Camuñas
DesignTimo Reger
DetailsHardcover, 14 x 21 cm, 232 pages, 18 ills. in color
Publication Date03/2020
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