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100 FERIEN Häuser 2017


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“100 FERIEN Häuser” presents the coolest holiday homes and the hottest vacation-style architecture for a quick break or a longer period of time-out to be spent in style. The magazine is dedicated to the “architecture of calm” and thus places of retreat for a mobile society with a keen sense for architecture and living.
The section focusing on Germany reveals architecture for that island vibe – from north to south. Also included are the most popular, most beautiful and most exciting destinations and holiday resorts from around the world.

EditorManuela Hötzl / 100 Medien
TextsRosanna Atzara, Isabella Diessl, Erik Czejka, Manuela Hötzl, Martina Powell, Rosa Schaberl, Sonja Schneider, Hanna Stadlober, Lukas Weber
DesignRalf Herms / Rosebud
DetailsPaperback, 33,3 x 23 cm, 176 pages, numerous ills. in color
Publication date08/17
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