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Over the past years, 100 SPACES has succeeded in establishing itself as a point of interface between architecture and design, between architects and developers and between people interested in architecture and a specialist audience.
100 GREEN SPACES is once again presenting a curated oeuvre of landscape architecture and horticulture. In the new publication we are greeted by an inspiring spectrum of green landscape architecture, horticulture and green ideas for our cities. This generously proportioned “coffee-table magazine” is an enduringly impressive compendium of landscape design, styled nature and green design.100 GREEN SPACES is devoted to mega-trends such as urban gardening, vertical biotopes, breathing façades, styled landscapes and living gardens. In this issue the focus is on seed dating, design styles and different types of design: private gardens, green spaces, balconies, terraces and parks.

EditorManuela Hötzl / 100 Medien GmbH
TextsMariella Beier, Christoph Benkeser, Isabella Diessl, Julia Gmeiner, Lucia Kamleitner, Chloe Lau, Andreas Maurer, Michaela Putz, Johann Redl, Julia Riefenstahl, Rosa Schaberl, John Sokol, Maria Steinwender, Claudia Tschabuschnig, Mladen Zecevic-Tadic, Jan Zimmermann
DesignRalf Herms / Rosebud
DetailsPaperback, 33 x 23 cm, 208 pages, numerous ills. in color
Publication date06/19
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