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Ausgabe 2018

€13.55 (excl. VAT)

“100 AUSTRIAN Buildings” is the only magazine that presents the diversity of the country’s intrinsic architecture. In 2018 the focus CLIMATE-SPACE & TAKING STOCK demonstrates that know-how is embodied in not only the overall concept but also the details. Building materials and technology enhance our architecture – and our environment. The focus I’M FROM AUSTRIA offers a brief excursion that shows that building abroad can often be accompanied by humorous anecdotes. Seven buildings, from Croatia to Texas.

Editor100 Medien GmbH
TextsErik Czejka, Julia Gmeiner, Eva Habison, Manuela Hötzl, Andreas Maurer, Maik Novotny, Marc Peschke, Michaela Putz, Julia Riefenstahl, Rosa Schaberl, Sonja Schneider, Claudia Tschabuschnig, Jan Zimmermann
DesignCristina Bianchi, Andreas Rubatscher / Rosebud
DetailsPaperback, 33,3 x 23 cm, 216 Seiten, Abb. in Farbe
Publication date06/18
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