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A Sense of Relatedness
Kunstraum Lakeside

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In its 2022 annual publication “A Sense of Relatedness”, Kunstraum Lakeside investigates an array of different types of relationships: The focus is connecting lines, entanglements, assemblages, networks, or kinships and their underlying mechanisms; it explores encounters between the human and nonhuman, between the material and immaterial, between the organic and technical, and, last but not least, between places and times. In the annual program "A Sense of Relatedness", Kunstraum Lakeside traced the ubiquitous longing for a sense of clarity, comprehensible entities, and predictable outcomes, and contrasted it with images that accommodate the incomplete, diverse, and volatile—they are not images of the either-or but of the as-well-as.

EditorGudrun Ratzinger, Franz Thalmair
TextsTim Ingolf, Gudrun Ratzinger, Franz Thalmair
DesignStudio Kehrer
DetailsSoftcover, 26 x 19 cm, 88 pages, 50 ills. in color
Publication date04/2023
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