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Adam Saks

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"For me the graphic strand and the oil paintings constantly interweave. They mutually benefit from each other. That’s why the printed works are so important. They form a sort of alphabet for the paintings. They are the »letters« from which the painterly »words« are made. They have an intimacy I want to bring up on canvases, too. For me it is always kind of a quest to achieve this very refined kind of mark-making, the same nervous intensity in my paintings. They linger between roughness and smoothness, they exist on many levels." Adam Saks

This delicate volume is comprised of Danish artist Adam Saks’ printed works – etchings, photogravures and wood-cuts – of the last five years, fittingly accompanying his recent exhibition catalogue "Inhaling Darkness, Exhaling Galaxies". Saks is both a bearer and a renovator of tradition who holds printmaking in high regards. In his graphic images there is a "roughness" and originality forming a kind of puzzle. He urges us not to waste any valuable moments. When a candle is blown out, its light vanished and the smoke of extinction coiling up into a demonic signal, it is important to read and interpret the message before the smoke is dispersed completely.

EditorAtelje Larsen
TextsSune Nordgren
DesignStudio Martin Steiner
DetailsHardcover, 19,4 x 13,4 cm, 80 pages, 53 ills. in color
Publication date10/17
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