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Agnes Ritli – »Set«

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Things that go together

Nuremberg based artist Agnes Ritli develops minimalist visual worlds based on observations of everyday life, in which abstract forms become signs and in turn open up new possibilities, different levels of meaning. »Set« is a catalogue object that remixes a selection of the artist's works. It plays with different printing techniques: the folded linen cover is screen-printed, the inner section was printed in offset, the index page with the work details is a digital print and the text booklet is a risograph. The viewer is invited to unfold the catalogue, to bring the loosely laid pages into new constellations.

Agnes Ritlis works „can almost be read as slight spatial interventions. They are entrusted to their surroundings in their fragile and vulnerable state and, in turn, alter them through their unmediated presence." (Mihaela Chiriac)

EditorAgnes Ritli
TextsMihaela Chiriac, Agnes Ritli
DesignComplex Pleasures, Agnes Ritli
DetailsSoftcover / folded canvas, 30,5 x 22,5 cm, 72 pages, 40 ill. in color
Publication date09/2022
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