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AKT / NUDE is a complex artists’ book dedicated to nude drawing as an art form.

AKT / NUDE is more than a collection from twenty years of nude studies in the Department of Stage Design at the Mozarteum University Salzburg. The scenographic perspective and the proximity to theater, film and performance provide crucial impulses. The works by the young artists present a variety of unconventional and experimental approaches to the naked human body that go far past the academic study of nature and, in a certain sense, achieve a staging of the nude.

Some 520 works by 68 students, impressions of instructional situations, texts by students and teachers as well as the thoughts of a nude model resonate in a conceptual space and enter into complex relationships with each other. They tell of artistic processes oscillating between perception and imagination—an emotionally moving encounter with nakedness, with the fragility of the body and of human existence.

“AKT/NUDE, a tribute to nude drawing as an art form, is full of surprises, inasmuch as Bachmann and his team felt no compunction about giving expression to their vision of the encounter with nakedness and with the concomitant artistic processes in an investigation proceeding on unconventional levels that extend far past classical academic studies.”
Informationsdienst KUNST (LINDINGER + SCHMID)

EditorStefan Bachmann for the Mozarteum University Salzburg, Department of Stage Design
TextsHenrik Ahr, Noémie Anneg, Stefan Bachmann, Thomas Ballhausen, Elisabeth Gutjahr, Lou Hinderhofer, Yvonne Schäfer, Thorben Schumüller
DesignStefan Bachmann, Lou Hinderhofer, Yvonne Schäfer, Thorben Schumüller
DetailsHardcover, 30 x 23 cm, 432 pages, 623 ills. in color
Publication date02/2022
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