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A Biology of Happiness


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He calls what he does Biofuturism or Bioism: “Bioism is my personal statement and manifesto. While the aesthetic characteristics of Bioism trigger a flood of associations related to the realm of nature, biology and organic matter, they are not in fact based on actual role models in our environment. Instead, the pieces are concerned with creating something new conceptually and creatively, as well as finding a new artistic approach based on Biofuturism. Bioism serves as a utopian paradigm for novel, fictional life forms. ‘The invention of form as essence and creature’ is manifest here, giving rise not only to auratic and singular aesthetic worlds, but also to a new, future-oriented overall identity,” is how Aljoscha put it in an interview.
“A biology of happiness” is what he calls his organism, a “manifesto of happiness and beauty as an antidote to our existence fraught as it is with fears and phobias”.

EditorKunstraum Dornbirn, Thomas Häusle
TextsThomas Wolfgang Kuhn
Designproxi design
DetailsPaperback, 26,5 x 20,5 cm, 92 pages, 14 ills. in color
Publication date02/18
InterviewThomas Häusle and Herta Pümpel
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