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André Butzer
Selected press releases, letters, interviews, texts, poems 1999–2017

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This divertingly profound or profoundly diverting volume gathers an abundant selection of press releases, letters, interviews and conversations, prose, and poetry by painter André Butzer. Brought together for the first time, Butzer’s writings form a concise account of his artistic thinking.

EditorAlexander Linn
TextsAndré Butzer, Steffen Krüger, Agathe Bellomann Fine Art
DesignBook Book, Berlin
DetailsPaperback, 19,5 x 14,5 cm, 192 pages
Publication date07/17
ConversationThomas Winkler, Berthold Reiß, Max Dax, Sebastian Wehlings, Paul Carey-Kent, E. Seifermann, Benjamin Budde, Philipp Schwab, Russell Tyler, Boris Dahlem, Rudolf Augstein, Ashok Adiceam, et al

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