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Andrea Muheim – Malerei als Selbstgespräch

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The Zurich artist Andrea Muheim is known as a painter of intimate portraits and private spaces, of still lifes, and also of landscapes and cityscapes. Her fundamental and recurrent interest, however, is focused on the human body—whether as a portrait, a nude or, as recently, in motion. She uses the medium to conduct an ongoing inventory of her immediate day-to-day surroundings and to create atmospherically charged pictorial spaces. The relationship between color, form, structure, and light is thereby repeatedly and freshly explored. A particular characteristic of her painterly practice is the serial production of one and the same theme or subject as a concentrated investigation of issues involving visual aesthetics. Nearly 800 works have been assembled in chronological sequence into clear, concentrated tableaus; they turn this artist’s book into a veritable pictorial diary extending over the thirty years of Andrea Muheim’s creative production.

EditorMirjam Fischer, Aude Lehmann
TextsSibylle Omlin
DesignAude Lehmann
DetailsSoftcover, 33 x 23 cm, 296 pages, 778 ills. in color
Publication date12/2022
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