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Andriu Deplazes
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In his works on paper, Andriu Deplazes creates a dreamlike world between the and the Apocalypse. Sexuality or terrorism appear to be particularly tangible topics. A recurring motif is the female suicide bomber with burka and explosive belt. Deplazes shows her disposed to violence and at the same time vulnerable, thereby revealing an existential contradiction.

The artist depicts androgynous beings exhibiting unconditional lust, allowing them to lose themselves free of moral conventions. Despite their clear motives, the works refuse themselves to real events. In his reduction to the fragile and the fleeting, his works on paper release our deep-seated inner images. Immediately and demanding, they create their own reality working beyond the drawing.

The catalog is published in relation to the artist’s solo exhibition at the Bündner Kunstmuseum Chur and his award with the Manor Art Prize Chur 2019.

EditorBündner Kunstmuseum Chur
TextsJulie Enckell Julliard, Damian Jurt, Stephan Kunz
DesignMarlon Ilg, Martin Stoecklin, Melina Wilson
DetailsPaperback, 29,5 x 23,6 cm, 168 pages, 99 ills. in color
Publication date09/2019
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