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archaeology in contemporary arts


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Whether it is the yearning for past civilisations or the fascination for ruins and archaeological sites, the motives in getting involved in the science of archaeology are many and varied. In fine art, the interest in the cultural development of humankind associated with archaeology has always left its mark. The aim of the publication ARKHAIOLOGIA is to demonstrate, by means of selected artistic works, how diversely the classical field of archaeology is explored and addressed by contemporary artists. Thus the publication goes far beyond merely presenting pictures of ruins or excavations, and the working methods, such as collecting, cataloguing and archiving, are taken over or imitated in a variety of ways. There are multiple visual references of the works, for example in terms of the materiality of presumed finds – as well as the interest of artists in an archaeology of the present or of intimacy.

EditorKunsthaus CentrePasquart Biel/Bienne, Dolores Denaro
TextsDolores Denaro, Ulf Ickerodt and Andreas Schäfer, Audrey Norcia
DesignNoemi Sandmeier
DetailsHardcover, 240 pages, 168 ills. in color
Publication date01/14
PrefaceDolores Denaro

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