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Atelier Van Lieshout
The Clock which will Solve Every Problem in the World


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Atelier Van Lieshout works in the disciplines of installation, sculpture, architecture and happenings. Its interdisciplinary practice consists in dismantling and redefining systems in social, political and economic contexts, and in the human body. The boundaries between art, design and architecture are thereby constantly being crossed and the intersections between function and fiction, destruction and creation explored.
The centre of the show at Kunstraum Dornbirn is the monumental work “Pendulum”, an oversized, ticking mechanical clock that reflects the irrevocable passage of time and thus our own lifetimes. In direct connection with it, other machine-like works perform their labour of change and destruction.

EditorKunstraum Dornbirn, Thomas Häusle
TextsEdo Dijksterhuis, Thomas Häusle
DetailsPaperback, 208 pages, 22.5 x 17 cm, 101 ills. in color
Publication date11/20
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