Brenner COVER

Birgit Brenner
Jemanden Fragen


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“I project images into the world and say, this is how you could see things.” Birgit Brenner

Injustice, violence, failure, promises of happiness and surveillance are just a few of the topics Birgit Brenner deals with in her socially critical works and which she condenses with images and text. In her drawings, large-scale installations and videos, she addresses the fact that her protagonists are trapped in a wide variety of living conditions, full of constraints and disappointments, often underlined with irony and black humor. Experiences of fear, despair and death have their say. But Brenner also looks at current political situations and social developments.

Brenner adds text collages to her works, which could also come from our everyday lives: „Selbst Schuld“ ("Your own guilt"), „Die Tränen falsch, der Kummer echt“ ("The tears false, the grief real") or "I Wish I had A Vision" can be read there. As the winner of the Wolfsburg art prize "Junge Stadt sieht Junge Kunst", Birgit Brenner shows new video works as well as an extensive installation in her exhibition. The catalog created in context shows a selection of her works from 2014 to 2020.

EditorSusanne Pfleger
TextsSusanne Kleine, Susanne Pfleger, Anke Sterneborg
ConversationsAnke Sternborg with Birgit Brenner
DesignHuelsenberg Studio with Niklas Sagebiel
DetailsHardcover with coffered ceiling, 184 pages, 34 x 22.5 cm, about 72 ills. in color + 160 film-stills
Publication date10/2020
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