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86 Tips, thoughts and quotes of wisdom on collecting Chinese Contemporary Art


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The idea of this book is based on a simple question: “What are your tips, thoughts, or words of wisdom on collecting Chinese contemporary art?” While some writers contribute from their institutional background, others approach the topic from a market perspective, while others still from a connoisseur’s and collector’s point of view. But the underlying element of all contributors is obviously their strong engagement, connection, and passion for Chinese contemporary art—and most often for collecting it. This publication can serve as a guidebook and navigator. It is a storyteller, a source of wisdom, and a documentation of the experiences and expertise of people who are shaping, making, and working in the scene.

EditorChristoph Noe
TextsLin Han, Lorenz Helbling, Sylvain Levy, Lars Nittve, Budi Tek, Phil Tinari, Kelly Ying Zhu Zhu, Qiao Zhibing
DetailsPaperback, 17 x 10 cm, 172 pages, ills. in color
Publication date01/14
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