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Christian Thoelke – Heartland

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The painting of Christian Thoelke—with what are in some cases extremely large formats, upon which can be seen human domiciles and infrastructures in a desolate and decrepit condition or at moments of acute menace—constitutes a contemporary position whose contents are quite explosive. The theme of these pictures is the loss of the present, of a feeling of security, of rootedness in the reliable and familiar; they investigate the question as to whether nature is still available as a place of refuge. Although the creative output of Christian Thoelke is not induced by any agitational motivation, his works evince a day-by-day topicality with regard to current conflicts in Europe and elsewhere in the world.
—Katrin Arrieta

Christian Thoelke speaks of “symbols” when he talks about the act of painting: “It is a matter of finding a picture that allows you to tell a certain story.” Painting is a part of remembering. Digging for what lies buried brings to light peculiar and fascinating pictures.
—Kito Nedo

EditorKunstmuseum Ahrenshoop
TextsKatrin Arrieta, Charly Hübner, Kito Nedo, Daniel Richter
DesignCarsten Aermes
DetailsSoftcover, 32 x 23 cm, 88 pages, 36 ills. in colour
Publication date11/2022
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