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Christiane Fichtner

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Christiane Fichtner is an artist on the move. Living largely as a nomad, she finds herself on a journey of on-going encounter with what is new, unfamiliar. For 20 years her working system of constant note-taking has been her travel companion, assembling and ordering what she finds.

Even more, the “LOOSE LEAF ARCHIVE” is both a catalyst and weaver of shapes in her artistic practice. It draws together individual strands, creates densities and gradually approaches formats that will become exhibits. In the Heftarchiv, as it is called in German, the step from the as yet unfinished towards the staged object is accompanied and subsequently documented as a description of what is depicted.

The book “LOOSE LEAF ARCHIVE / HEFTARCHIV” takes the viewer into something rough-edged, something in the act of flowing. In its strong visual form it replicates the energies that the artist needs to continue to develop her work through her daily doings.

EditorChristiane Fichtner
TextsKatharina Fink, Arie Hartog, Thomas Köllhofer, Christina Vogelsang POEMS Diana Garza Islas, Sharmila Ray
DesignBueroheinz Christian Heinz
DetailsSoftcover, 148 pages, 23.5 x 16.5 cm, 97 ills. in color
Publication date06/2021
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