Creating (My) Order in the World. Selected Works from the Ernst Ploil Collection


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“Creating (My) Order in the World” aptly describes the collecting activity of the Viennese lawyer Ernst Ploil, who for the past half century has devoted himself extensively to both fine and applied art. One methodical approach taken by Ploil is the detection of commonalities, another is the exploration of antithesis, and a third is offered by the symbolistic narrative, whose frequently concealed subject matter can lead to a variety of interpretations. The result is a boundary-transcending collection of both Austrian and international art—selected and acquired in order to find answers to the eternal question: What is art all about?

EditorsChristian Bauer, Herbert Giese
TextsChristian Bauer, Herbert Giese, Ernst Ploil, Alexandra Sattler, Hans-Peter Wipplinger
DesignKatharina Griesbacher / Studio Riebenbauer
DetailsHardcover, 25.5 x 21 cm, 232 pages, approx. 180 ills. in color
Publication date07/2020
ISBN (German Cover Edition)978-3-903320-78-9
ISBN (English Cover Edition)978-3-903320-95-6
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