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Csaba Fürjesi
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In the last twenty-five years, Csaba Fürjesi has created works of art that include painting, drawing and photography, with a special emphasis on prints. His graphic oeuvre contains instances of a certain overstepping of standard graphic procedure and a turning to various possibilities with regard to the limits of book-printing techniques (relief printing). He is particularly interested in what innovations can be achieved with various materials on surfaces; he even experiments with physical and chemical processes. Just as in his paintings, the artist tinkers with a process of reciprocal shifting such as can arise through a sort of counterpoint of layering techniques and the preparation of surfaces.

In his works, Csaba Fürjesi mirrors the world as it is: complex, diverse and full of inconsistencies. By including scenes from daily life in his processes of pictorial invention, his oeuvre presents a world that is simultaneously innocuous and surreal. His works thereby reflect as well on concepts such as time and space-time, cultural memory, common experiences, and a mental activation of the past in the present. —Séamus Kealy

EditorCsaba Fürjesi
PrefaceSéamus Kealy
TextPeter Husty
Designstudiosteinwender, Salzburg
DetailsSoftcover, 104 pages, 27,5 x 21,5 cm , 71 ills. in color
Publication date09/2021
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