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Dagmar Koller
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Be it as a celebrated musical star or in the role of Vienna’s glamorous first lady, Dagmar Koller is arguably the most-photographed woman in Austria. A gloriously colorful selection of previously unpublished photographs belonging to Dagmar Koller reveals moments and personas of a life lived with great intensity. The images capture memories and provide insights into her private life. This publication reveals a biography to us that while aimed at style and pleasure, elegance and desire, individuality and openness, nonetheless included both discipline and self-irony. Dagmar Koller has not only played the roles that life wrote, but also embodies a professional handling of the lighthearted, always full of respect for the high art of popular entertainment. These images are a sheer delight, and Dagmar Koller is always a veritable experience: laughing, chatting, singing, dancing, beaming out at us in beautiful dresses and in equally beautiful places. She is always there for her audience, always a star, whether on the stages of this world, or the arenas of politics and society.
And almost incidentally this book, edited by Michael Balgavy, becomes a vivid, enjoyable, but at times also serious document of Austrian contemporary history.

EditorMichael Balgavy, Dagmar Koller
TextsMichael Balgavy, Brigitte Felderer, Angelika Hager, Dagmar Koller
DesignMichael Balgavy
DetailsHardcover, 26,1 x 20,5 cm, 336 pages, 420 ills.
Publication date09/2017
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