Das Nullversiegelungshaus

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Since the beginning of mankind, it has interfered with nature and its surface by its very existence, whether by deforestation, planting or by building houses and cities: welcome to the anthropocene!

Still nowadays and in our country, an enormous amount of land is sealed every day and thus forever withdrawn from permanent biological production. And no, we will not suddenly stop maximizing our profits and chasing the eternal premise of progress through growth. And no, we will not stop building either! But maybe, there is a way to continue building without causing a higher degree of sealing? Or could it be possible to erect buildings that actually counteract sealing? Freely according to the motto, each additional house reduces the total sealing by a certain value x?

In this thesis, existing buildings are analyzed and evaluated for their degree of sealing using an existing tool and a tool developed within the framework of this thesis. The aim of this empirical study is to present prototypes that not only have a sealing-neutral effect, but also a sealing reducing effect, i.e. to develop houses that positively influence the sealing factor of their surroundings simply by their existence: With each of these new houses, our environment becomes a little bit better! To date, there is one determining factor to counteract sealing: the greening factor! In the course of this thesis, it quickly becomes clear that another factor is important: the so-called lift factor, i.e. the elevation of the building from the ground. However, and somehow surprisingly, a third factor is discovered in the end...

EditorCaramel architekten
TextsCaramel architekten
DesignSarita Džaferović, Caramel architekten
DetailsHardcover, 21 x 21 cm, 178 pages, 108 ills.
Publication date11/2022



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