Das phantomastische Malbuch

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“Das phantomastische Malbuch” is a creepy, preposterous, and endearing adventure in painting produced by big artists for little ones, designed for persons of all ages.

In this book, phantoms abound; it is filled with eerie ghosts as well as other creatures at a far remove from good and evil, free from the confines of reality!

This book is intended to be taken in hand, to be read and used, to be shared and enjoyed with others. This book inspires individuals to invent their own phantomastic pictures and words. Its contents are appropriate for both children and adults. The painting book was created in collaboration with Soybot, a micro publishing house, printer, and collective.

With visual contributions by Iris Andraschek, Alfredo Barsuglia, Sarah Bechter, Burnbjoern, Sophie Dvořák, Thomas Gänszler, Lena Göbel, Eiko Gröschl, Julia Haugeneder, Ines Hochgerner, Katharina Höglinger, Magdalena Kreinecker, Franza Maier, Nana Mandl, Katrin Plavčak, Mathias Pöschl, Stefan Reiterer, Elisa Schlifke, Titania Seidl, Ekaterina Shapiro-Obermair, Šimon Sýkora, Franz Vana, Marie Vermont and Andreas Werner.

With literary contributions by Theodora Bauer and Michael Heckenast.

EditorBarbara Horvath, Lisa Ortner-Kreil / art hoc projects & The Lichterfelde Club of Hope
TextsTheodora Bauer, Michael Heckenast, Barbara Horvath
DesignBernhard Fuchs, Gerhard Jordan / Soybot
DetailsSoftcover/Spiral binding, 22,5 x 39,5 cm, 74 pages, 24 ills. in color
Publication date09/2022
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