David Eisl

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A publication that will probably deceive some expectations! The first time you open it, you notice that maybe you should put the book upside down on the bookshelf, since... the lettering is not on the spine, but on the cut. The conscious reversal of expectations is programmatic of the publication “Green Screen Weeds and Dreaming Grids”. David Eisl's playful handling of the fragility of human perception is reflected in the design and use of the book as a medium.
From eggshells worked with inlay technique, to the detailed copy of a work overall smeared with paint, to collages with dried plants that appear digital at first glance, this richly illustrated book results in a single large tilted image. Eisl often appears like an upside-down working archaeologist who buries and hides what he wants to find or show. The confusion and mixing of supposed opposites such as culture and nature, physical and immaterial or original and copy runs like a red thread along this foray through Eisl's pictorial and sculptural works. His both irritating and poetic pictorial and experiential spaces raise more questions than they answer, but perhaps also reveal what Christa Benzer describes in her text as “knowledge through deception”.

EditorDavid Eisl
TextsStephanie Damianitsch, Christa Benzer, Carolyn Merchant, Max Limbeck-Ferrari
DesignDavid Eisl & Martin Embacher
DetailsPaperback, 136 pages, 24 x 16 cm, 105 ills. in color, 18 in b/w
Publication date04/2021
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