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Dexter Dalwood is a rare instance of an artist equipped to examine how history is constructed and interpreted through the making of paintings which are both intellectually challenging and visually seductive. The artist’s juxtaposition of quotations and references from a broad and eclectic range of subjects is reflected in his transposition of the cut-and-paste of the collage technique to canvas. Not only does Dexter Dalwood possess a profound cultural and historical knowledge, he also perceives the connections between art history, politics, music, literature and personal experience, which he intimates with a remarkable lightness of touch. His paintings reward close observation, for the event or situation depicted is always reflected in the styles of painting that were developed during the periods referred to in the work.

EditorCentrePasquArt Biel / Bienne
TextsMichael Archer
DesignPrill Vieceli Cremers in cooperation with Christian Hofer
DetailsHardcover, 80 pages, 33 ills. in color
Publication date01/14
PrefaceFelicity Lunn

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