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Donna Huanca
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“To me, it’s very important to offer the public a unique experience in situ that cannot be captured in a photo. Today in particular, as we are constantly busy consuming online via a screen, do we actually still perceive what is playing out directly in front of us?” An American artist with Bolivian roots, Donna Huanca works with a variety of media such as painting, video, sculpture and installation. For her exhibition at the Lower Belvedere, Huanca developed a concept whereby visitors are taken on a journey from light to dark as they go from room to room. The actors in the performances, whom Huanca refers to as “models,” are only partly clothed in paint or textile fragments. They are present in the exhibition spaces throughout the entire duration of the exhibition, but make no contact with visitors. This results in an almost unpleasant tension that develops from the situation of the live event. Performance forms the core of Huanca’s creativity—all her other pieces are based on her performance works and capture these ephemeral acts in objects, paintings and videos.

EditorStella Rollig
PrefaceStella Rollig
TextsElysia Chuquimia Crampton, Isabelle Graw, Maike Hohn, Ana Petrović
DesignFondazione Europa, Alexander Nussbaumer
DetailsHardcover, 28 x 21 cm, 168 pages, 130 ills. in color
Publication date11/18
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