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Eduard Tauss

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The monograph of the artist Eduard Tauss presents the series “Farbkörper” and “Offene Formen”, which were created in recent years in an organic and material-gestural formulation. “The paint has freed itself from the pictorial carrier and, by means of its own malleable substance, becomes an expression of itself and serves as the subject of its contemplation in the space.” Eduard Tauss’ series of works arise in dialogue with or investigation of the material of synthetic resin and are situated in the art-historical context of the “extension of painting.” Angela Stief offers a precise and comprehensive examination of his artistic production, while Florian Steininger focuses on Tauss’ paintings of “Offene Formen”. The essay “Embodying Colour“ casts light on the historical ramifications of the term “autonomy of colour,” and Manisha Jothady addresses the dissolution of the categorization of artistic genres. Paint which unfolds its organic-sculptural potential and manifests itself as a gesture of material or color.

EditorEduard Tauss
TextsManisha Jothady, Michael Post/Heiner Thiel, Florian Steininger, Angela Stief
DesignEduard Tauss
DetailsSoftcover, 30.5 x 21.5 cm, 112 pages, 101 ills. in color
Publication date01/2023
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