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Elmar Trenkwalder
Engel über Licht und Schatten – Vom erlösenden Schweigen der Form


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Elmar Trenkwalder has created the largest ceramic sculpture in his oeuvre to date for his exhibition at the Kunstraum Dornbirn. The viewer is confronted with an architectural structure that dominates the room, measuring 11 meters in length and 7 meters in height. The piece is reminiscent of an artfully designed façade with curved lines and various passageways. Above the passageways, which unlike regular passages are very narrowly proportioned, towers and platforms rise up with figurative and ornamental, elaborately worked and opulent shapes. Their rhythmic arrangement echoes natural processes, cycles, transformations and creation stories.
The artist’s unique visual language draws on a reservoir of personal memories and experiences, allows subconscious elements to rise to the surface and, in linking with images from our cultural memory, creates a timeless panorama of human existence.

EditorKunstraum Dornbirn, Thomas Häusle
TextsFrédéric Bodet
DetailsHardcover, 27 x 20 cm, 96 pages, numerous ills. in color
Publication date02/19
InterviewHerta Pümpel with Elmar Trenkwalder
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