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Esther Stocker – Art on Architecture

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This volume is the first to present and address in image and text the architecture-oriented works of Esther Stocker as a discrete body of work. The richly illustrated catalogue raisonné was compiled by the architect and curator Matthias Seidel of drj art projects Berlin, together with the cognitive psychologist and architecture scholar Martin Brucks and the artist herself. The book sheds light on Stocker’s artistic development in relationship to the medium of architecture in a way that is vivid and comprehensible. Projects that are particularly important to her development are marked and featured with additional commentary. In addition, introductory texts delve deeper into Esther Stocker’s concrete methods and approach to spatial work. The volume considers how Stocker, who began as a painter, transfers her fundamental interest in “order and disruption” to architectural space. The effects of her architecture-oriented works are also analyzed from a perception-psychological perspective along with a description of the underlying artistic principles.

Editordrj art projects
TextsMartin Brucks, Matthias Seidel, Esther Stocker
DesignMatthias Seidel
DetailsSoftcover, 23 x 17 cm, 112 pages, 140 ills in color
Publication date05/2022

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