Florian Graf
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In his oeuvre, Florian Graf looks at subjects relating to architecture and landscape architecture, investigating the psychological and emotional effect of spaces. Using sculpture, installations, drawings, video or photography, he creates moments of concentrated poetry in which the borders between reality and imagination are dissolved.

In his most comprehensive solo show to date, Graf installs in the Kunsthaus garden three sculptures made of concrete, each of which is a combination of three very different basic shapes. A circle, an L-shape and a serrated shape also form the components of ceramic models, a photographic work and a series of drawings. The other exhibition spaces are reinterpreted by the artist into a living situation in which, alongside the other works, his films with a documentary feel to them are on show. Alternating between conceptual logic, visionary power and delicate humor, Graf’s work explores the appropriation of bodies, role models and dwellings, creating a lively assemblage of imagination, materiality and temporality.

EditorKunsthaus Centre d’art Pasquart Biel/Bienne
TextFelicity Lunn
DesignMoiré: Marc Kappeler, Dominik Huber, Simon Trüb
DetailsHardcover, 24 x 17 cm, 96 pages, 60 ills.
Publication date11/2019
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