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Fraenzi Neuhaus


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In the artistic work of Fraenzi Neuhaus, the thread has been a recurrent structural element since the 1990s. If she initially worked with the textile thread, she was more and more concerned with high-tech and industrial materials—such as nylon, plastic tubes or lately filament. With this, the artist from Solothurn creates objects and expansive sculptures that are reminiscent of organic structures, yet have a decidedly artificial effect on materiality. The works have a formal and substantive tension. Even in her works on paper, Fraenzi Neuhaus is always on the lookout for an original form that holds the potential of change in itself. This monograph gives a broad overview of the last twenty years of the creativity of the artist and shows how closely the work—sculptures, objects, drawings and prints—are interwoven.

EditorsFraenzi Neuhaus, Patricia Bieder, Heinrich Breiter
TextsPatricia Bieder, Alice Henkes
DesignHeinrich Breiter
DetailsPaperback, 25 x 21 cm, 112 pages, 88 ills. in color
Publication date10/2019
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