Francisco Paco Carrascosa
‘Black & White’ with Friends (2008 to 2018)

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Photographs. Artist’s edition

In a world inundated with images, one man is confronting the widely decried flood and fighting it with its own weapons. Francisco Paco Carrascosa organizes photos in sequences, turns sequences into episodes, episodes into volumes, volumes into editions—editions that form a trilogy, the second part of which you see before you. His amateur camera with zoom lens is creating a proto-photographic monument: His roving eye hunts the fleeting, fragmentary and transitory, all intrinsic to the photographic art since first it saw the light of day. Fixed in print, rendered tactile, these pictures take on an epic quality. They follow animals and their tracks through the human world. Sparrows return, like the chorus in a Greek tragedy, to lead the viewer through stories that begin nowhere and end somewhere. Life itself.

Limited edition, 150 copies, numbered and signed.

EditorIrene Jost
TextUrs Stahel
DesignEmanuel Tschumi
DetailsPaperback, 7 volumes at 528 pages in slipcase (each unique), text booklet at 28 pages, 22 x 14.8 cm, 3696 ills. in color
Publication date10/2019
BW Friends quer 2 Schuber Sujets

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