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Gabi Dziuba: Henning Strassburger fotografiert DZIUBA JEWELS Sommer 2018–2022


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Gabi Dziuba's jewelry design has been distinctive for over 40 years and is more up-to-date than ever today. Especially for a generation of young artists, their aesthetic attitude and consistency offer innumerable points of friction and future points of contact.

Three years ago, out of personal sympathy and mutual enthusiasm for each other's view of their own work, the idea arose that Henning Strassburger would photograph DZIUBA JEWELS. The catalog focuses on the artistic exchange and collaborative conversation that feeds Dziuba's work.

Strassburger photographed artists, gallerists, and collectors who are friends of Dziuba or who are closely connected to her through diverse collaborations. Like Dziuba's designs, the analog pictures, taken with an Olympus μ-II, are full of dynamism and unexpected leaps. The contrasts are hard, the light glaring.

Between staging and casualness, they are situational tableaus that develop their charm from the unconscious/conscious interaction of the wearer with the pieces of jewelry which they make their own. We encounter a multitude of staged self-images and for a moment the fragmentation of forms, materials and experiences becomes a unique, unrepeatable whole.

EditorDziuba Jewels
TextChristian Malycha
DesignEnver Hadzijaj
DetailsSoftcover, 29.7 x 21 cm, 72 pages, 44 ills. in color and b/w German
Publication date05/2021
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