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Geartete Kunst
Die Nürnberger Akademie im Nationalsozialismus


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To mark its 350th anniversary in 2012, the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg is also examining the institution’s history during the period of National Socialism. The book designed by students is devoted to a wide range of aspects concerning living and working at the oldest art high school in the Germanspeaking region during this period. It makes an important contribution to the coming to terms with events during those years.

EditorAkademie der Bildenden Künste Nürnberg
TextsSabine Brantl, Thomas Heyden, Frank Matthias Kammel, Edith Luther, Werner Lutz, Joanna Maxellon, Pascal Metzger, Hans Ottomeyer, Anja Prölß-Kammerer, Birgit Rauschert, Timo Saalmann, Alexander Schmidt, Herbert Schott, Birgit Schwarz, Melanie Wager, Julia Maria Woltermann
DetailsPaperback, 320 pages, ills. in b/w
Publication date01.01.2014

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