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Gerda Steiner & Jörg Lenzlinger – Copain

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The exhibition COPAIN of the artists Gerda Steiner and Jürg Lenzlinger is a hymn to bread and to the people who produce and enjoy it—bakers both male and female, but also bread enthusiasts from all cultures—and offers a new perspective onto this foodstuff, whose history begins with the birth of agriculture and which since then has continued to develop.

With their installations, Gerda Steiner and Jörg Lenzlinger develop extensive, complex world-analyses. Their creative output is marked by vivid fantasy, political orientation, abundant inventiveness, and nimble humor. Now they have turned their attention to a basic foodstuff—namely bread. It is not political activists who are at work here, but two politically thinking poets. What they spread out over four floors is above all a celebration of bread, an exuberant tribute to the abundance of its types, traditions, and baking procedures.
In the exhibition space Friedhof Forum, the artists bring the theme of bread into connection with death and dying. They do so in a surprisingly playful manner. Ships of the dead made of bread; a flour clock whose time does not trickle away; miniature coffins for pesticide victims; a mobile made out of pieces of bread crust; cardiac pacemakers; and cigarette filters—all this is gathered into a cabinet of curiosities in which death is transformed.
– Matthias Balzer, Frida Magazin

EditorPius Tschumi, Museum Mühlerama
TextsReto Bühler, Anna Bürkli, Stephan Kunz, Juri Steiner, Pius Tschumi
DesignEmanuel Tschumi
DetailsSwiss brochure, 26 x 20 cm, 168 pages, 149 ills. in color
Publication date11/2022
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