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Gesine Probst-Bösch – Zehn Pfeile, ein Herz und eine Seele

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„Life and art is about developing your Self – that is the goal; everything else is a means to that end.“ Notebook entry from 11 September 1994

The first retrospective exhibition of the work of Gesine Probst-Bösch (1944–1994): born in Weimar, the artist spent the rest of her life in Vienna, Vorarlberg and Munich. It was a life marked by great sensibility, which makes her œuvre an impressive display of essences that fathoms the nature of things with just a few lines and mysterious ciphers. Paper was her preferred medium and the connecting element between her literary and visual arts. The reduced visual language and unveiling humour with which Gesine Probst-Bösch reflected on subjects in her environment testify to her extraordinary talent.

EditorDOCK 20 – Kunstraum und Sammlung Hollenstein & vorarlberg museum
TextsKathrin Dünser, Nina Schedlmayer, Claudia Voit
DesignDaniela Fetz
DetailsSoftcover, 30 x 24 cm, 312 pages, numerous ills. in color
Publication date12/2021
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