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Hanna Putz & Sophie Thun
White Flag

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The photography publication "White Flag" is the result of a collaboration between the photographers Hanna Putz and Sophie Thun and presents an intensive, alternating photographic dialog between two female friends.

Hanna Putz and Sophie Thun photographed each other over a period of two years and in this book constructs a game of varying roles behind and in front of the camera. Putz and Thun photograph each other in staged and improvised poses; in landscapes, trains, offices and studios. The dual view generates an improvised choreography that can be read like a visual notebook or diary.

EditorsPAMPAM Publishing, Hanna Putz, Sophie Thun
TextsLuca Lo Pinto
DesignIsmini Adami
DetailsPaperback, 30 x 21 cm, 132 pages, 112 ills. in color
Publication date02/2019
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Hanna Putz

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Talisa Lallai

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