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Hofstetter Kurt
Ich schaue in den Himmel um mich zu erden I look up to the sky to ground myself

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In 2020 the composer, concept and media artist Hofstetter Kurt was awarded the Austrian Art Prize—Media Art (State Prize of the Republic of Austria) for his internationally recognized oeuvre. On this occasion, Hofstetter presents his current work cycle of "X-tense Images" and "X-stills". Embedded in the essay, in which the artist and art historian Barbara Doser encyclopaedically reveals the artist’s work, they can be understood as "Ambient Media Art", which began in 1993 with his and Austria's first permanent video computer art installation in public space.
Seduced by philosophical mathematics that think in infinity, Hofstetter repeatedly succeeds in developing new art forms. The “Ambient Tactile Art” or the “Supersymmetrical Composition” convey art through irrational structures. Bazon Brock calls Hofstetter a “magician of irrational, i.e. theoretical art” and in his text he undertakes a “walk through the blossoming gardens of theories”.

EditorPhilipp Konzett
TextsBarbara Doser, Bazon Brock
DesignBarbara Doser, Hofstetter Kurt
DetailsHardcover, 300 pages, 29.7 x 23.5 cm, approx. 200 ills. in color
Publication date06/2021

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