VFMK Hotel Morphila Orchester

Loys Egg & Peter Weibel
Hotel Morphila Orchester

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The artist Peter Weibel and Loys Egg have shared for many years a friendship which has found expression in a number of joint projects. The history of the Hotel Morphila Orchestra began in 1978 with the project “Bibliotheca Insomnia.” There were intensive discussions during the work of collaboration. They discovered shared preferences for various authors, artists and musicians.

“Since Loys was able to play guitar, there gradually arose a wish to create a new type of music which, similarly to our material painting, actuates musical material with language. […]

The name of the band was a tribute to Strindberg, because we knew that during his sojourns in Paris he stayed at the Hotel Orphila. Loys was even able to discover a photograph of the hotel. Thereupon, in allusion to Orpheus (the god of song) and Morpheus (the god of sleep) as well as to morphine, I came up with the neologism ‘Hotel Morphila Orchester.’” (Peter Weibel)

EditorSusanne Widl
ConceptLoys Egg & Peter Weibel
TextsPeter Weibel
DesignLoys Egg
DetailsHardcover, 30 x 25 cm, 287 pages, num ills. in color and bw
Publication date02/2024
15 VFMK Hotel Morphila Orchester
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