Im Rausch

Im Rausch
Zwischen Höhenflug und Absturz


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Thrill, heightened perception, stupefaction – intoxication has many contradictory faces. Yet what unites the various experiences of intoxication is their tendency to elicit rapture and a sense of detachment between the self and reality. Myths about increased creativity and productivity in states of intoxication belong to the repertoire of art history. What role does intoxication play in contemporary art, however? The thematic catalog transports readers into cathartic worlds, psychedelic color cosmoses and artistic test labs. It invites them into sensual realms between high-flying and crash-and-burn. With works by artists including Ueli Alder, Donato Amstutz, Heiko Blankenstein, Felix Brenner, Helen Dahm, Co Gründler, Carsten Höller, Susanne Hofer, Kühne/Klein, Rachel Lumsden, Aurelia Mihai, Meret Oppenheim, Ursula Palla, Oliver Pietsch, Pipilotti Rist, Sarah Schönfeld, Kerim Seiler, Annelies Štrba, Andreas Walser, Artur Žmijewski (with Pawel Althamer)

EditorMarkus Landert, Stefanie Hoch, Kunstmuseum Thurgau, Kartause Ittingen, Warth, Switzerland
TextsMarkus Landert, Stefanie Hoch, Rebekka Ray
DesignUrs Stuber
DetailsPaperback, 17 x 12 cm, 145 pages, 73 ills. in color, 14 ills. in b/w
Publication date07/16
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