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Inge Gutbrod / Markus Kronberger
Zwischen den Farben


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It is not clarity but diffuse interstices that interest Inge Gutbrod and Markus Kronberger, two artists who studied at Akademie der bildenden Künste in Nuremberg. Gutbrod is an artist who focuses on sculptures. Her chosen material is wax; she positions it in light boxes and includes it in location-specific installations, creating tense relationships between color and light and thus producing something between transparency and opaqueness. In his paintings, Kronberger creates room for thought; however, these expanses of abstract color and shape do not remain self-referential but, in a literal or figurative sense, engage in a dialogue with the relevant rooms, locations, people and moods. With its numerous photo spreads, the publication documents the exhibition and the two artists’ location-specific works produced in the art villa.

EditorAndrea Dippel, Matthias Strobel
TextsAmely Deiss, Ludwig Seyfarth, Simone Schimpf, Annelie Pohlen
DetailsPaperback, 24 x 16,9 cm, 112 pages, 91 ills. in color, 4 ills. in b/w
Publication date11/16
PrefaceAndrea Dippel
PhotograhpyAnnette Kradisch, Stephan Mix
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