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Iris Hutegger
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Iris Hutegger’s exhibition in the print cabinet of Kunstmuseum Solothurn is the first extensive presentation by the artist in a museum. Born in 1964 Iris Hutegger happened on the unusual technique of embroidered photographs by chance. Because she felt one of her own photographic works was simply trivial, she angrily placed the print under the needle of her sewing machine in order to destroy it. As she did so, she discovered that the intermingled threads, which took on the appearance of moss or netting in this context, gave the representation a sculptural quality that heightened the experience of looking at the piece while at the same time breaking the illusion of what was shown in the picture. The changes in both size and viewing distance bring forth entirely different impressions that oscillate between illusion and non-figuration. The publication is coming out to coincide with the exhibition.

EditorKunstmuseum Solothurn
TextsKarine Tissot, Christoph Vögele
DesignGuido Widmer, Zürich
DetailsPaperback, 88 pages, 31 x 24 cm, 31 ills. in color
Publication date08/16
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