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Wonderful things happen in Isabelle Krieg’s work—the bones of cats dance through the room like mobiles, the grounds in finished cups of coffee form portraits of politicians, ceiling lamps photographed upside down become “valiant flowers.” With her humorous and poetic view of everyday life, the artist takes our perception in unexpected directions and makes use of the artistic potential demonstrated by completely ordinary objects. Her work also references political themes. However, their social explosiveness never remains their only content. Instead, Krieg integrates them into her wondrous pictorial universe.

The exhibition in Solothurn combines the thematic and design-related “pole” of everyday life with that of the universe. It is not only everyday things that are important to Krieg’s art; she is also interested in subjects relating to outer space, the planets and the origin of life. For instance, the artist has an interest in time itself—the recurrently rising Moon and the cycle of the days of the week. Planet Earth has a particular significance for the artist. The exhibition and the related publication do not claim to be a retrospective, but they do look back over the 25 years of the artist’s creative output.

EditorKunstmuseum Solothurn
TextsKathleen Bühler, Robin Byland, Susanne Magister
DesignKristine Brusa
DetailsFlexcover, 30 x 22 cm, 128 pages, numerous ills. in color
Publication date04/2019
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