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The art of Jonas Weichsel (*1982) examines the complex questions of materiality and the effects of artistic – to be precise, painterly – media. For the exhibit in Museum Wiesbaden, Weichsel carefully considered the structural and dimensional relations of the Project Room and its particular characteristics, allowing these to guide the selection, quantity and series of works to display. In a procedure not unlike the process of painting, Weichsel unites the individual works to a spatial whole. Each work constitutes an element with its own contrastive dynamic; all are set in relation to one another, yet remain specific to the spaces they occupy. They turn the Project Room into a “walk-in” painting, of sorts, a peculiar site of intensified mindfulness. The publication accompanies the exhibiton.

EditorMuseum Wiesbaden
TextsJörg Daur, Jonas Weichsel
PhotographyBernd Fickert, Roman Knie
DesignHarald Pridgar, Jonas Weichsel
DetailsPaperback, 28 x 21,5 cm, 104 pages, 48 ills. in color
Publication date02/17
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