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Judith Huemer
Selected Works 2008–2018

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Austrian artist Judith Huemer takes a subversive approach to topics such as culture, origin and home – to the things, as she says herself, “we always say” and “we always do.” Within the conceptual process, she subjects everyday experiences and objects to an artistic reinterpretation, reflects on and provokes both existential and social instances of friction and breaks with the norm. “It always starts with an idea relating to my perception or experiences. After that, I select the material and technique. It’s not fictional design.” Colors play a key role in Huemer’s oeuvre. She frequently works with brightly colored materials in order to subvert familiar perceptions. The present volume “Judith Huemer Selected Works 2008–2018” is published by Verlag für moderne Kunst and illustrates Huemer’s artistic practice over the last ten years. In conceptual terms, the catalog of works continues the preceding volume “Selected Works 1998–2008” and in part implements earlier image pages. Judith Huemer’s photographs, collages, objects, installations and videos are presented alongside several essays and an interview with the artist.

With texts by Ruth Horak, Gerald Trimmel, Isabella Diessl, Nina Schedlmayer, Ursula Maria Probst and an interview with Judith Huemer by Ursula Maria Probst

EditorJudith Huemer
TextsIsabella Diessl, Ruth Horak, Ursula Maria Probst, Nina Schedlmayer, Gerald Trimmel
ConversationJudith Huemer with Ursula Maria Probst
DesignTom André Skullerud
DetailsPaperback, 104 pages, 220 ills. in color
Publication date02/2019
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