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Kai Werner Schmidt

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„… In Greek mythology, Hyperborea is presented as an earthly paradise that is so remote that it is not reachable by ordinary mortals. According to the ancient Greeks, it was only superhuman heroes who were capable of traveling beyond the North Wind to this land of abundance. How our attitudes have changed since then. Even though the imaginary of an abundant North lives on, those who attempt the journey are held in a different regard. …“

„… In Kai Werner Schmidt’s photographs, we find another way of expressing displacement and uprootedness. Rather than making the migrant an object of focus, his photographs provide a glimpse into what it would be like to take up the migrant’s point of view. In none of the photographs, do we see any migrants arriving on pebbled beaches. Instead, what we are offered is a chance to at least try to experience what it is like to travel through a contested landscape where one’s mere presence is a matter of dispute. …"

EditorKai Werner Schmidt
ConceptKai Werner Schmidt & Christian Rothe
TextJens Dam Ziska
LanguageGerman, English, French
DetailsHardcover, 23,5 cm x 33 cm, 128 pages, 53 ills. in color, 3 ills. in b&w
Publication date06/2024
Hyperborea 1683
Hyperborea 1612
Hyperborea 1592
Hyperborea 1585
Hyperborea 1571
Hyperborea 1567 1
Hyperborea 1559
Hyperborea 1554

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