Katharina Fröschl-Roßboth
Mutter Vaterkarenz Kind

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Photographer Katharina Fröschl-Roßboth accompanies her husband and son during paternity leave without interfering as a mother. She notices how the bond between the two of them grows, especially in times of crisis, and then visits other fathers. They too have decided to take on the care work in the first few months of their children. Not only the happy and complicated moments, but also the never-ending housework are the content of the pictures.
In addition to the images, the fathers have their say in the form of interviews, the photographs are interwoven with short parental leave diary tweets by economist and journalist Peter Sim. A prologue by Sibylle Hamann and an epilogue by the photographer frame the content. The graphic and implementation of the conception is carried out by the young father Mato Vincetić.
As a contemporary document, the book offers a male role model, which is still far too little anchored in our society.

EditorKatharina Fröschl-Roßboth
TextsSibylle Hamann, Peter Sim
DesignMato Vincetić
DetailsHardcover, 154 pages, 23 x 16 cm, 85 ills. in color
Publication date07/2021
SPECIAL EDITIONSigned book enclosing a print from the series "he cares" (12 x 12 cm), edition of 20
FRAMED EDITION40 x 40 cm with 4 prints from the series "he cares", 10 + 1 artist's proof
PAULO LEPORELLOInsights into the (under)water world of a young Portuguese named Paulo
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