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Keith Sonnier – Lightsome

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Keith Sonnier—this name is primarily associated with the light works of the artist, who was born in Louisiana in 1941, in the Deep South of the USA. Since the 1960s, Sonnier has continuously developed works with various light sources, which has decisively shaped the reception of his art to this day. Equally essential, however, is the unbroken and open-minded interest in a wide variety of materials and media. Sonnier has also been engaged in diverse cultures throughout his life, has traveled and created works of art using local handicrafts.

The exhibition, comprising around forty works from five decades, and the accompanying publication honor the work of the artist—who died in July 2020—in its diversity and the individual attitude that emerges in it. The English “Lightsome”, which can mean ‘bright’ as well as ‘carefree, cheerful’, refers not only to Sonnier's art, but also to his person.

EditorSimone Schimpf, Neues Museum Nürnberg
TextsLesley Raeside, Simone Schimpf, Kristin Schrader, Olympia Sonnier
DesignTimo Reger
DetailsSoftcover, 29.9 x 22.1 cm, 176 pages, numerous ills. in color
Publication date01/2023
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