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KH Schmeißer

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Using the example of himself, the self-portrait as a head or a whole figure in a mostly empty space, KH Schmeißer painterly refers to current, actual discourses. In his head and figure pictures, man appears as an endangered, uncertain, being. If they are alienated from a reference space, the self-portraits give the impression of isolation and lostness. The obsessive preoccupation with the human portrait is an artistic expression of the postmodern human condition.

The artistic expression of loss as well as the search and longing for assurance and the confirmation of oneself is of high topicality. We live in a time when the individual is under particular pressure, not so much only through the material, but through the psychological burden that the social conditions demand to bear and process.

The sometimes desperate search for identity, the definition of one's own body through deconstruction, design, reconstruction, self-ornamentation, self-optimization and manic reproduction of images are signs of our time. KH Schmeisser's artistic work sets painterly signs for the latent in postmodern times. It makes you pause and think.

EditorChristoph Kappeler
PrefaceChristoph Kappeler
TextsPeter Engel, André Grab, Ulrich Kinder, Anna Stern
DesignMichel Gilgen
DetailsHardcover, 232 pages, 29.7 x 21 cm, 200 ills. in color
Publication date09/2020
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